Disability does not equal dysfunction

I said this statement out loud at the dinner table the other night and my oldest cleared his throat loudly and said “speechless” under his breath. Oh my how the world views that family on “speechless”.  It is true that looking from the outside in, that family looks dysfunctional.  The mom is always on a… Continue reading Disability does not equal dysfunction

it’s the little things

tiny yellow flowers cuddles smell of grass favorite soap bed time kisses dry diaper sun peeking thru the trees cold water smile of a stranger clean clothes twinkling eyes beads laughter   It is the little things that bring joy. The little tiny moments are the ones to be cherished. It does not take much.… Continue reading it’s the little things

heaven and me and the girlie

There are so many things girlie can’t do. Among the top ones – girlie can’t walk girlie can’t talk mostly she can’t interact with others and she can’t play with and love her family All those “can’ts” belong HERE on this earth in this time she is in her earthly body. If God chooses, He… Continue reading heaven and me and the girlie