the eclipse and visual impairment

Some days there is just no getting around it, girlie is different from many of us. She won’t be able to enjoy the historical event coming today.  She has cortical visual impairment, aka neurological vision impairment.  Her eyes and optic nerve are perfect and in working order. But her brain … Her brain does not… Continue reading the eclipse and visual impairment

lemon drops on the window…

They don’t belong there.  I didn’t put them there, on purpose. One of my new healthy habits includes drinking some lemon water every morning. To make this as painless as possible, I have been buying a whole bag of lemons and squeezing them all at the same time, in to a huge bowl, and then… Continue reading lemon drops on the window…

it’s the little things

tiny yellow flowers cuddles smell of grass favorite soap bed time kisses dry diaper sun peeking thru the trees cold water smile of a stranger clean clothes twinkling eyes beads laughter   It is the little things that bring joy. The little tiny moments are the ones to be cherished. It does not take much.… Continue reading it’s the little things

heaven and me and the girlie

There are so many things girlie can’t do. Among the top ones – girlie can’t walk girlie can’t talk mostly she can’t interact with others and she can’t play with and love her family All those “can’ts” belong HERE on this earth in this time she is in her earthly body. If God chooses, He… Continue reading heaven and me and the girlie