Girlie has been away this weekend, at a great local overnight respite center with loving nurses and caregivers.  Each weekend they have special guests that come in and visit with the children, play games, sing and play music, and make a craft (see picture).  This place is supported by donations from the community.  Families pay… Continue reading respite


Fog is beautiful, mysterious, scary. It hangs down in the trees, covering branches and leaves so they are not seen, covering houses and just touching the road with tiny pale fingers. The weather men call it “patchy” and “dense”.  It is very thick in just a few places.  When the fog parts, bright sun shines… Continue reading fog

Disability does not equal dysfunction

I said this statement out loud at the dinner table the other night and my oldest cleared his throat loudly and said “speechless” under his breath. Oh my how the world views that family on “speechless”.  It is true that looking from the outside in, that family looks dysfunctional.  The mom is always on a… Continue reading Disability does not equal dysfunction