the scales

Fall is beginning around here, the leaves just beginning to thin in the woods around our home.  The underbrush seems to be the first to thin, and moves on to medium size trees, and then the largest trees.

As the woods thin, the landscape looks so different.  Things that were not visible before, become visible.  The nooks and crannies of the landscape, little knolls, hiding places of the deer, the homes on the other side of the woods, the animals abounding in the woods, squirrels hunting for the next meal, shapes and features of oak, hickory, maple, and poplar trees, all become more visible as the leaves fall.

Girlie, and people like her, are sort of invisible.  Not everyone can see her.

I am not talking unable to see with the eyes, I am talking about unable to see with the heart.  When the heart can’t see, neither do the eyes truly see, the brain truly understand, and the spirit comprehend.

Growing up, I know that I never did.  I never noticed people different from me growing up and as a young adult.  I never noticed those in wheelchairs, those who have disabilities.  Never.

Until …

Until I had girlie.  It is like some covering has been removed from my eyes, and I can now see what I could not before, very much like scales have been slowly removed from my eyes.  Like the things that crowded directly in front of me blocked all view of what was behind.

I now see a group of people that I had missed entirely most of my life.  I am drawn to families with  children like girlie, because of similar experiences.

Salvation is both a point and a process.  A point where we come to faith and come to the realization that I need Christ and accept Him in my life.  It is also a process of becoming more like Him.

Part of the process of becoming more like Him, is having scales removed from my eyes, in layers.  Seeing things that I would have never seen previously.

I believe that is part of girlie’s purpose here in this earth, to remove scales that God wants removed, both  from my eyes and from others around us.

Having scales removed – to some it is painful, to some it is precious, to others an annoyance, to others a light in the dark.  Regardless, scales removed is part of coming to truth, THE truth.

In the scriptures, spoke of Paul about his conversion:  “And immediately there fell from his eyes something like scales, and he regained his sight, and he got up and was baptized” Acts 9:18 (NASB)

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