25 years ….

25 years ago these 2  said “I do”

Those 2 had big dreams, and were excited about continuing life, together, “desiring to do ministry together”.

Not knowing, life would try everything to tear them apart.

These 2 learned through the years, some valuable lessons.

At year 6, these 2 learned about the trustworthiness of God and the treachery of the human heart.  These two learned about walking in faith and not by sight.  These two learned about doing the next right thing, and the closeness of God when things are painful.

At year 10, these 2 learned about the value of life.  Life with a severely vaccine injured child teaches lessons like no other circumstances can.  Life has value because God created it, and for no other reason.  God gives the value of life, man in his evil nature chooses to discard and dismiss life.  These 2 definitely would not have chosen to have a severely injured child, but trust God for every step.

The 25 years have taught these two what real ministry is.  Real ministry is walking daily in the place God puts them, speaking truth whether welcome or convenient.  Sitting down to listen to God, waiting on Him, speaking and then speaking more when life hurts the most.

25 years have taught that, togetherness is the most important, regardless of circumstances.

Together God can do more these 2 could ever dream is possible.

2 thoughts on “25 years ….

  1. Christopher and I will always be grateful our paths crossed with you all…. You’re a courageous family speaking the truth as the road we’re on with vaccine injured children isn’t always met with empathy or understanding. God is using us to bring about His change…stay together and courageous… and know you’re not alone! Much love from the Smith Family.


  2. Congratulations on your milestone anniversary! It’s a beautiful tribute and testimony. But for God, you probably wouldn’t have remained married and faithful. Thanks for sharing!


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