retirement …

Having a 15 year old medically fragile child, I am experiencing one of my “firsts” with doctors retiring.

Hoorah, girlie’s GI doctor retired and is spending more time with her grand babies and her husband.   This doctor was the one that placed girlie’s g-tube at the age of 2, which feels like a very long long time ago.  Her big brother was just 4, and a very busy little 4 year old he was.

So, today we go to meet the new doctor for the first time that we have been “assigned to” in this doctor’s practice.  You read that correctly, in this particular medical practice, you don’t pick your own doctor, you are assigned.  Yes, we still live in America, and no the medical industry refuses to give any freedom what – so – ever to patients. (this happens to be the only practice that places and treats children with GI tubes in our entire metro area).

Based on this practice, I should have known, and should have guessed how it would go today.   But, I am just so darn naive and trusting.  I trust that people will do the right thing …. they won’t.  I trust that people will listen to the experts, the parents ….. they won’t.  I trust that doctors care more about patients than money ….. they don’t.

I worked really hard to give lots of good information, to establish a firm but cooperative attitude, to work within the parameters that were “assigned”.

But, at the end, the doctor wrote a note that does not reflect current thinking about calories and ketogenic diet and seizures with girlie, and when requested to update or make a caveat about seizures or what a future doctor would get from the notes, refused.

Hoorah – new doctor and we are already agreeing to disagree.  Fun times.  And, on top of that, the doctor has turned off the feature where I could leave a reply to the visit summary for the day.  Yippee – I don’t get to have any note that I did not agree, things getting even better.

Retirement for doctors is a blast, doctor retirement for medically fragile patients pretty much sucks. 

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