Special needs = revival

Joseph had a coat of many colors.  His brothers were jealous, beat him, left him for dead and in a hole, came back later and sold him in to slavery because they were too chicken  to actually kill him, but were fine with making sure their dad thought he was dead.  Joseph spent years in jail, imprisoned for this or that, mostly just for being who he was.

Years later, Joseph turns up, through many crazy circumstances, as the head of the  process for saving people through a 7 year famine in Egypt, put in place by the Pharoah himself.  His brothers come to Egypt asking for grain and help.  They receive it, but find out the hard truth, that they were part of God’s over all picture of saving the people of Isreal – themselves and their descendants from death during an area wide famine.

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.”  Genesis 50:20 (NASB)

Special needs families see it too.

What man meant for evil against my family, against Girlie, God meant for good, both for my family and for my community.

We see where the church in the United States of America is headed.  Without God, the church is headed down the road that it is being dragged with the rest of the country, in to REAL and PALPABLE EVIL.  The church has a rope around its neck, dragged down the road to serve its master, the master of SELF and COMFORT.

In this journey with Girlie, I have met so many many mommas who are awake to the truth.  Awake to what God has ALLOWED in HIS CHURCH in order to SAVE HIS PEOPLE.

God has allowed children to be hurt by man-made substances, both the giant V word (va&&ines), and the giant O word (opiods), in order to allow the church to be PART of a huge revival.

I know what you are thinking – that sounds totally twisted!!!  Why would a GOOD God allow that for his people?  That is exactly why, exactly and to the point.  Because HE IS SO VERY VERY GOOD AND LOVES HIS PEOPLE MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE.


Want a picture of what our spirit looks like without Jesus and his saving power?

Look no further than a child having a seizure and lying in a bed unable to get up and help its self.

Look no further than a child rocking back and forth, banging its head on a wall, unable to stop, unable to communicate real and palpable needs.

You see, the special needs population REPRESENTS the REAL BROKENNESS EVERY person has.  Everyone needs Jesus, daily, hourly, every second, nano-second.

Your optimism will never save you.

Your church attendance will never save you.

Your faithful service will never save you.

You are a child, lying in a bed or sitting in a wheelchair, COMPLETELY broken, and you need Jesus.

Church needs the broken as a REMINDER, as a PICTURE of our own spiritual brokenness.

This means INCLUSION.  Don’t know what that is?  Do you see a person in a wheelchair or physically or mentally different in your group or organization WITHIN the church?  [see more information here on what that looks like: INCLUSION]

Jesus saw it and knew it – the boy with epilepsy in Mark chapter 9.  Jesus saw him and knew that this boy and his father had been through a really rough life.  He also knew that it was this life that pointed to Jesus healing.  His life had been all for God’s glory.

The picture of the life of a special needs child WILL BRING REVIVAL to church.

Inclusion is a SIGN

Inclusion is a sign by the church to the world that EVERYONE is made in the image of God, not just the people who act normal and are able to return love.  Pretty sure Jesus said “all children come to me”, and “fearfully and wonderfully made” about all children.

Inclusion is a sign to the WORLD, to the community, that:

  1. this place is different
  2. we are willing to do hard things
  3. we stand with Jesus, in including all kinds of people

A church can’t say they love special needs children and families “if they never spend time with them”.

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.”  Genesis 50:20 (NASB)

God is MOST interested in the rescue of people, and the preserving of life, eternal life.

Won’t you recognize it today, from the life of girlie, and from the life of so many many others like her?




2 thoughts on “Special needs = revival

  1. Sunday morning, a special needs young man was greeting and handing out bulletins (with an adult helper) at my entrance to the sanctuary in our large church. Greeters rotate and he helps once a month. I always feel blessed to see him and know our church encourages him to serve. Another special needs man was calling out during worship. Instead of letting it distract, I am grateful for his presence in the sanctuary.

    Yes, we are broken. Thank you for making the connection. We need the reminder!


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