No such thing as perfect

Often my heart wants to apologize for bringing girlie with me places.  Yes, I know, pretty silly, but hear me out.  She makes life “look” less perfect.  For someone like me who is extremely visual, I like things to look, feel, and be perfect.

I often desire the perfect place for my children, the perfect house, the perfect life.

Why do I feel like apologizing when I bring girlie with me?  She comes with lots of accommodations.  She makes others come out of their perfect.  Come out of the perfectness we all desire.

She can’t look at the camera, or even know where it is to give the perfect picture.  She can’t sit on her own to make the perfect pose.  She can’t respond when spoken to, she is nonverbal, and she does not even make eye contact with the speaker.  She can’t write the perfect poem, she can’t even hold a pencil.  She can’t dance the perfect dance, she can’t walk.  She can’t create the perfect story, her mind and heart don’t cooperate.

God is teaching me, with the help of girlie, that He works through the very less than perfect.

He teaches grace where there has been mistakes.

He teaches holiness where there as been sin.

He teaches contentment where there has been loss.

He teaches forgiveness where there has been hurt.

He teaches love where there has been brokenness.

He teaches trust where there has been suffering.

He teaches hope where there has been desperation.

He teaches quietness when life is chaotic.

God gave me girlie as the blessing and gift to teach my heart new things.

“Make me know Your ways, O Lord;
Teach me Your paths.
Lead me in Your truth and teach me,
For You are the God of my salvation;
For You I wait all the day.”  Psalms 25:4-5


2 thoughts on “No such thing as perfect

  1. I battle the desire for perfection, too. I’m better. I’m learning to be content with imperfection. To live a grace-filled life. But I still struggle. Thanks for a fresh perspective. You and Girlie are the best teachers. 🙂

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