Girlie, the teenage years

Girlie has just completed her first year of the teenage journey.  She is changing, she is growing.

She is growing into a beautiful young woman, with a strong opinion and desire for independence.  But she remains thankful and grateful for all the assistance she receives.

Her sweet personality still shines through the teenage difficulties.

This year has been full of seizures, which this last month have decreased significantly.  We adjusted her diet back to a higher fat to carb/protein ratio which has decreased her seizures.  With the seizures gone, she is much more aware of things, people, circumstances around her.  She is sleeping better and easier, and is more alert overall when awake.

Girlie has some new habits this year – she has begun yelling upon immediately entering a restaurant.  I am guessing she smells food and wants to eat immediately.   For me the smell of food increases my appetite, so makes sense it applies to her.  I believe it reminds her of how hungry she already is.  [The yelling embarrasses the boys and some times me too, lol.]

Another interesting development is what we think are a few new words  (all meal time related of course): “NOW” and “MAD”.   These are what we think she is yelling at us when she is hungry.

One of my new goals has been to request that she ask nicely when she is hungry, with softer and quieter sounds.  Saying a queit “please” or “more”, or similar sound.

It is an interesting task to be sure, because it means I have to change my behavior.  I have to make sure I respond to her when she is asking nicely.  I have to not wait until she yells at me for food.  It comes from a change in me, along side of girlie’s change.  If I were to encourage her to speak softly and then ignore her soft speaking, she won’t continue.  She will go back to yelling for her food if I don’t change my behavior as well.

Behavior modification starts with setting an example and continuing with a change in mindset.

I have to believe that girlie can change and will change, and that my words and actions have an impact on hers.

This is true with my relationship with Christ.  He leads me gently, with his loving kindness, encouraging me with His grace, with His soft speaking, with His unfailing love.  His response to my changes encourage more positive change.  Time spent in prayer, in conversation and relationship with Him lead to change that only He can do.

I have the choice to make, as girlie does, to respond, to listen, to keep my eyes on Him, and believe the truth.

Examine me, O Lord, and try me;
Test my mind and my heart.
For Your lovingkindness is before my eyes,
And I have walked in Your truth.  Psalm 26:2-3 (NASB)



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