Sometimes I choose hard things

Today, there is a new bed that arrived for our girlie.  Years ago, when she was about 3 she out grew the crib she was in, and we were given a twin sized hospital bed.  It was great, because emotionally for me it felt like her getting a “big girl bed”.   So, we have continued using that awesome bed.

However, she is now 13.  Puberty is bringing some pretty significant growth, both in the length of her arms and legs, and in the length of her torso.   Girlie has long legs.

The hospital bed is narrow and has metal rails on the sides.  Due to her growth, she has started hitting the sides of the beds with her legs and knees and arms when she rolls over to sleep.  We have done the best we could to prevent the bumps and bruises, but it was just getting worse.

So, in the summer I decided to pursue a new bed – a “Sleep safe” brand bed.  The new bed has padded sides so no more bumps and bruises, sides that move up and down out of the way to lift girlie in and out, and the entire bed is wider so that she has more room to move as she grows.

Thankfully, through our awesome equipment vendor and the local children’s hospital, funding was easy, and the process to get the bed has been uneventful (huge praise!).

I had 3 months to prepare emotionally (the shortest amount of time these equipment processes happen).

But nothing really prepares you for delivery day.

It is a hard one.

This is going backwards for me, back to a bed that looks like a gigantic crib

I don’t know.

I should be thankful for this thing – girlie needs it.  It is going to be such a great thing for her.

Momma doesn’t want it, momma doesn’t need it, momma is struggling emotionally.

So, sometimes I have to choose to do the hard thing.

Whether it is emotionally, staying put in the community, ordering the next right thing, taking the next step in school for girlie, making a move that is not wanted.

Sometimes I must choose the next right thing, knowing it is the hardest.

I think that is part of God’s calling for this life on his people.  Choosing to do the hard things instead of the easy.

The easy is choosing not to change, adapt, be flexible.

The hard is choosing the change that isn’t wanted.

The hard is forgiving the one who does not deserve it.

The hard is not saying the thing that begs to be said.

The hard is going back to the places that hurt the most

 because the showing up speaks forgiveness.

“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary” Galatians 6:9 (NASB)



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