Girlie has been away this weekend, at a great local overnight respite center with loving nurses and caregivers.  Each weekend they have special guests that come in and visit with the children, play games, sing and play music, and make a craft (see picture).  This place is supported by donations from the community.  Families pay nothing, which is amazing.  Girlie gets 3 or 4 weekends per year.  And we are very thankful.

Sean and I were able to go to our oldest’s cross country meet together on Saturday, and I took our youngest to some birthday parties, and our oldest had homecoming at school.  It was a busy weekend, but free of girlie’s rigid schedule.

We are so blessed she has a place to go get away on her own mini-vacation from mom and dad and brothers (we think she misses them the most).  We are blessed to have a small break from girlie’s schedule, the food making, the medicines, the seizures, the fussing, the diaper changes.

But, I miss her when she isn’t with the family.  I miss her beautiful face.  I miss the cuddles.  I miss dressing her and changing her and talking to her.

Respite is a bittersweet thing.

Sweetness because people, other than mom and dad, are pouring themselves into girlie’s life.  Girlie is getting to see more, do more, be more than what limited mom and dad can do.  Girlie gets opportunity to bless others with her amazing self.  Mom and dad get a little extra rest, a little extra time with the boys.

But, I miss her beautiful spirit, and her gentleness about life.

We are in the process of requesting more respite hours to use for her care at home, as well.  As we age, Sean and I know we are becoming more limited.  But we trust God knowing He is raising up people who can care for her.  We have seen God work recently – an acquaintance sending us a referral for a young person in the area who is a perfect fit to work with girlie.  We are excited to see what will come from the new relationship for girlie.

God’s watchful care over us is evident, and His blessing is abundant.  And we are thankful.


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