the ones who have gone before …

Pioneers carved out the forests and made way for us.

Early settlers in the United States were the pioneers, making cities and roads and schools, but also establishing laws and government and processes by which we freely and easily are blessed, most importantly freedom to serve and love God as we see fit.  Pioneers who have carved out the forests to make way for us.

The generations to follow have been able to enjoy freedom from oppression, and enjoyed all the things established before them.

The pioneers made the decision for their own families, not always seeking or realizing the impact on the people who come later.  A conscious decision to pave the way for others was not always made, but instead to make a better life for themselves, impacted the lives of others down the road

The struggles a special needs mom goes through carves out and paves the way for others who encounter similar struggles down the road. 

These moms are pioneers.

There are ones who have said, this is not just about my child, about me and my family, but about the ones who will come later like us.

But also ones who have said, I need to make a way in this dark place for my child, and others coming behind have benefitted.

Whether intentional or a side-affect, girlie and I have benefited from these moms’ pioneer spirit.

The ones who have sacrificed comfort and contentment, traded for passion for what is right, and fighting for better for others.  The ones who have sacrificed being pointed out as the one who “makes trouble”.

Special needs moms paving the way for others that have come behind them, and coming along beside them.

Making it possible for special needs children

 to attend school with their peers,

to have access to the community

to live in protection and safety

to live with access to equipment and resources

Moms who have fought for things that girlie and I are blessed to get to partake in.

Big things:

IDEA – girlie is able to have a free and appropriate education

ADA – girlie is able to access by ramp, by widened doors, the facilities that the laws cover

Local things:

 School participation

 Community participation

 Programs to assist and comfort

Small things:

 Air conditioned bus

Drivers WITH a monitor

Para pro’s in the classroom

Qualified teachers in the classroom

Moms to newly diagnosed babies and children have it a little easier because of pioneers.

Most recently, they have it easier because others have paved the way emotionally –

Moms who have come before to write, publish, present views on this life

Moms who have shown that we don’t have to be ok all the time

Moms who have been there

Moms who provide support

Moms who are changing the perception of society about our children

Advocating is part of being a special needs mom, advocating for my own child will impact others

Because of the uniqueness of each child. special needs moms get to be pioneers.






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