{{{ thankfulness }}}

Did someone else pick out your under wear today?

Yeah, me either.

I picked out my own.

A private choice, private decision.

In the same way, other people don’t dictate, choose, what I am thankful for.

It is personal thing.  Actually, between me and God.

As a special needs mom, I am thankful for HUNDREDS of things every day.

Today, I am thankful my boys go to Christian schools who want to help me “keep the good in” my boys, just like I do.  After all, these boys have to be prepared to one day take care of girlie when my husband and I are gone.  They will need to have good hearts.

Today, I am thankful that I have an amazing husband who shares in the burdens of the blessing of girlie (yes, you can have BOTH, just like grace and law).

I am very thankful that it did not rain for girlie’s therapy and dentist appointments yesterday. God always holds back the weather for us when I am out with her by myself, He parts the clouds.

I am very thankful that girlie did not have any seizures last night or this morning.

I am thankful that she is very happy right now, laughing and smiling often.

But, my thankfulness will never ever be determined by what someone else thinks I should be thankful for.

Have you ever heard “well, you should be thankful for _____, _____, and _____”?

I have.

Speaking that thought is not in the best interest of the special needs mom.

Because, that thought assumes she isn’t thankful.

Just because the special needs mom is addressing a difficulty that arises does not mean she is unthankful.

In fact, it means the very opposite.

She is so thankful to God for her child and the gift she has been given, that she seeks that child’s best.  If she is addressing an issue that has arisen, then support her.  Ask how her how you can come along side her and assist in that difficulty.  Ask how you can lift her up in prayer.  Just ask.  Don’t assume.  And absolutely do not judge.

When there are difficulties that arise, I am going to step up to the challenge and face them, head on.  I am not going to hide behind any sentiment of any kind.

I will be blunt.

I will be direct speaking.

I will be passionate about the issue and my child.

I will be thankful through it all, just maybe not for what someone else wants me to be thankful for.

Thankfulness is NOT a substitute for addressing issues and concerns that arise.



Psalm 106:1-3 (NASB):   Praise the Lord!
Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting.
Who can speak of the mighty deeds of the Lord,
Or can show forth all His praise?
How blessed are those who keep justice,
Who practice righteousness at all times! 


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