lemon drops on the window…

They don’t belong there.  I didn’t put them there, on purpose.

One of my new healthy habits includes drinking some lemon water every morning.

To make this as painless as possible, I have been buying a whole bag of lemons and squeezing them all at the same time, in to a huge bowl, and then pouring all of that into an ice cube tray so I could use 1 ice cube per morning.

Our mornings are pretty slammed with getting everyone out the door for school and this mom does not have time to juice a lemon for myself every day, and I refuse to dole out money for a juicer right now.

As I was working on the big bowl of lemon juice recently, I looked up to see several large drops of juice running down the window.

Lemon juice escaped from the area I was working in.


Not my choice to put lemon juice on the window, not my desire to get lemon juice off the window.

I was not aiming for the window.  I was aiming for the bowl.

But I do not control all the lemon juice and where it goes.

I can try.  I can try to get it all in the bowl.  But, some will escape unintentionally.

There are unintentional side effects of having a special needs child as well.  Things I certainly can not control, things that happen unintentionally by anyone involved.

Things that were never thought of, as we went through early days with girlie.

Definitely, not things we aimed for, looked for, or sometimes even knew were side effects.

  • Isolation: the slowed down pace of life, extra home time, in ability to make friends out and about in the community for our family.


  • Fear: some people are a little put off by girlie because of preconceived ideas of disability, seizures, wheelchair users, etc.  And if someone is brave enough to speak to her, she does not respond, and that can lead to people not trying again.


  • Endless amounts of extra “stuff” needed for her care: as girlie gets bigger, so does the equipment.  She continues to grow, pretty steadily on the growth charts, and she needs more equipment to help us care for her.


  • Split up family: our boys are pretty active and need to stay active.  Because of girlie’s needs, one parent stays home or takes girlie somewhere indoors, and one goes with the boys on more active adventures.


  • Avoidance: there are places that can not accommodate.  Places where wheelchairs are difficult.  Places where we can not change her.  I avoid the hard places.


  • Thankfulness: girlie makes others thankful for their own abilities.  Comparison happens unintentionally, it is human nature.


The unintentional consequences of the blessing and gift of girlie can get overwhelming.

But God….

God does not step in the middle and fix all the unintentional consequences.  He bears them on His shoulders.  He bears the pain, He bears any burdens,

He bears the hard.

1 Corinthians 13:7-8a (NASB) “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, Love never fails.”


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