one word

Girlie can say one word with her mouth.  Sure she can communicate with her computer, to a degree.  Unfortunately, technology can be limited, depending on the battery, the weather, and other issues (like how much time mom and dad have to put in to set up and maintenance, lol).

Technology is not fool proof.

With girlie’s mouth/tongue/lips, she can only say one word, just one :


A sweet friend at church asked me the other week, what does girlie mean when she says “MOM”?

First, I didn’t think anyone else understood girlie but me, but my friend said it is very clear.  Second, I really had to think about the question.

What does she mean?  Girlie’s “MOM” could mean any number of things:

“I’m wet, please change me”

“help me”

“I am uncomfortable”

“please hold me and cuddle”

“I want out of my wheelchair”

“read to me”

“let’s sing”

“I am bored”

“let’s move around”

“hold my hand”

“I need attention”

That one word holds a great deal of meaning, and that one word is powerful.  That one word seems limitless.  And it is pretty cool that it just happens to be my name.

But isn’t it the same in our relationship with God – sometimes all I can do is cry out just one word – JESUS.  That word is so full of meaning.  But sometimes that is all the energy I have, all the strength that I have, all the emotion I have, just put in that ONE WORD.


“please change me”

“help me”

“I am uncomfortable”

“please hold me”

“I want out”

“I am hurting”

“please move me”

“please hold my hand”

JUST ONE WORD.   Bet Jesus just loves when we say His name, call out to him, no matter what the meaning and “other” that goes along with it.  Bet Jesus just wants us to say it, just say his name, just let Him come, let Him be close, and just let Him snuggle in.


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