Mothers AWAKEN

As a mother, especially a mother of a special needs child, I have believed so many lies Satan feeds to me through media, culture, and my community.  Lies of “you must have a degree to understand your child”, “you must be an expert of some kind to help your child”, “you are not good enough… Continue reading Mothers AWAKEN

5 reasons I will not tell you when things are hard(er)

Girlie is medically fragile. The widely used definition for medically fragile is “children whose complex medical conditions require monitoring and supervision on a 24-hour basis to prevent life-threatening complications, prevent deterioration of health status, and/or maintain health status.” The journey occasionally becomes extra hard when the stability we normally keep with girlie becomes compromised, and the downward… Continue reading 5 reasons I will not tell you when things are hard(er)

presume competence

In the early days, after girlie first received her new communication device, we learned this important concept.  “Presume competence” all the time, especially when girlie is talking with her device. Presume – suppose that something is true, assume with confidence Competence – having abilities and qualities With girlie, we need to assume with confidence that… Continue reading presume competence