We have been doing this a LOOOOOONG time. Girlie is about to be 18 soon. She has an older brother and a younger brother. So, we understand this from both sides. The one who lived a few years in a typical family before disability and medical fragility entered the scene. And the one born in… Continue reading siblings

the scales

Fall is beginning around here, the leaves just beginning to thin in the woods around our home.  The underbrush seems to be the first to thin, and moves on to medium size trees, and then the largest trees. As the woods thin, the landscape looks so different.  Things that were not visible before, become visible. … Continue reading the scales

25 years ….

25 years ago these 2  said “I do” Those 2 had big dreams, and were excited about continuing life, together, “desiring to do ministry together”. Not knowing, life would try everything to tear them apart. These 2 learned through the years, some valuable lessons. At year 6, these 2 learned about the trustworthiness of God… Continue reading 25 years ….

retirement …

Having a 15 year old medically fragile child, I am experiencing one of my “firsts” with doctors retiring. Hoorah, girlie’s GI doctor retired and is spending more time with her grand babies and her husband.   This doctor was the one that placed girlie’s g-tube at the age of 2, which feels like a very long… Continue reading retirement …